NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — If you’ve ever watched coverage of the NFL Draft, you’ve probably heard of the teams and their “War Rooms.”  It sounds so intense and at times it can be but to simplify it, this is where the work gets done and the picks are made.

While all 32 NFL teams will be represented in Nashville, each team has an actual home base where the General Manager, Owner and Head Coach set up shop for three days.  

The Tennessee Titans set up shop at their facility located at St. Thomas Sports Park.  General Manager Jon Robinson spoke with New 2 Sports Reporter Kayla Anderson this week and told her that he’s very organized going into the first day of the draft.

“It’s not like the stock market, where people are throwing cards left and right.  It’s chill,” said Robinson.

He made it clear that leading up to the draft he’s already had meetings with coaches and scouts, making sure they get to voice their opinions ahead of time.

But when it comes down to being “on the clock,” Robinson wants the process to be cool, calm and collected.

Robinson added, ” I don’t want chaos.  I want to think clearly and at the end of the day coach, myself and Amy.  We’re going to look at the draft board and pick the player we think is going to best help our football team.”

The Titans will have the 19th overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft.  The first round takes place Thursday evening.