19th Congressional District

Antonio Delgado (incumbent)

Supports economic development in the district, universal healthcare, reforming the tax code, and closing loopholes that benefit the wealthiest. Also supports the expansion of Pell Grants and investment in vocational and trade schools.

Steven Greenfield
Green Party

Supports healthcare for all, a sustainable economy not centered around fossil fuels, and returning economic/governmental power locally. Also supports improvement and expansion of education, technical employment training, college, and graduate and professional schooling.

Kyle Van De Water

Supports tax cuts for small businesses, an open market for healthcare, simplified tax code, and a balanced budget. Van De Water also supports health care coverage for people with pre-existing conditions but opposes the Affordable Care Act.

Victoria Alexander

Supports affordable healthcare coverage, decreased military/intelligence spending, criminal justice reform, and greater environmental protections. Alexander also supports electoral reform, the mailing of political candidate information to all people so they can be more informed, and federally-funded scholarships at state schools.

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