TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The City of Troy has a new mayor. Republican Carmella Mantello, who has served as the Troy City Council president for eight years, declared her victory over democratic candidate Nina Nichols.

“We couldn’t celebrate this victory without you,” said Mantello. “This victory is as much yours as mine. It is a testament to what we can achieve when we work together, and that is what we are going to bring beginning on January 1, 2024. We are going to be together.”

Mantello says her two top priorities include quality of life and crime and claims that state mandates are making fighting crime more difficult, but local governments still have options. “Park, walk, and talk program is a huge priority of mine,” said Mantello. She adds the program is very intensive community policing. “This isn’t just a stop at a ball game or a stop at a barbeque. This is like the days of my dad. He walked the beat, and he lived in the neighborhood.”

Nichols ran on a platform for a safer and greener Troy. She spoke with NEWS10 after the announcement, saying she called to congratulate Mantello and looks forward to working together as a partner in the county legislature. “I would like to congratulate my opponent, who ran a formidable race that reminded us every day about how passionate we all are about making Troy a better place to live. It was clear from the beginning that voters had a choice between two candidates who share a deep love for this city, as well as a deep desire to do everything they can to improve it.”