State Senate District 46

Robert Alft, Jr.
Green Party

With budget cuts looming for schools stemming from revenue loss tied to a state shutdown during the coronavirus pandemic, Alft supports taxing the rich to make up for the deficit. He also supports a universal basic income and collection of a stock transfer tax.

Rich Amedure

Supports repealing the state’s bail reform laws, protecting vulnerable residents, promoting family farms, and protecting the character of small towns and communities.

Michelle Hinchey

Supports the expansion of service and technology industries, including green and renewable energy in order to bring more jobs to the state. Also supports strengthening the education system by increasing access to technology particularly in rural areas.

Gary Greenberg (write-in)

Supports the New York Health Act and healthcare for all, increased funding to hospitals, and evidence-based public policy. Supports expanding broadband access across the state, no new taxes, and looking for a solution to the state’s shrinking population.

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