ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — As we head to the polls New Yorkers have the option to vote for a deal that could strike up a greener future, however some say it’s too costly.  It will be listed as “Prop 1, The Environmental Bond Act” on your ballot come November 8. This is a $4.2 billion investment in clean water, air and the environment. 

“This funding will help communities upgrade their drinking water systems, upgrade their sewage system, so that every single New Yorker has clean water across the state. You know this will help us avoid some of the long term costs of climate change of crumbling infrastructure. This will save us money over the long term,” said Robert Hayes, Director of Clean Water at Environemntal Advocates NY.

Advocates say some of this  funding will come from the Infrastructure Act and Inflation Reduction Act from Washington and that this would be a small down payment compared to related costs from natural disasters that will happen in the future.

However the New York Conservative Party opposes this, saying the debt service will eventually trickle down to New York taxpayers.  “There’s this whole belief and I think it’s accurate, ‘Do New Yorkers put more into the federal government then they get back?’ I think in this particular case this bond issue plays into that also, and that once again New Yorkers are going to spend their own money on something in the state whereas the federal government is spending a lot of money nationwide and we should be getting our fair share in New York,” said Conservative Party Chairman, Gerry Kasser. He also says the interest rates on those bonds will be at a higher rate than normal. 

Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay emphasized that the state is currently in a $58 billion debt. While all New Yorkers want clean waters and good sewers there are parts of this Bond Act he’s not on board with. “There’s also a lot of so called ‘green’ type projects in this whether its zero emission cars, whether its projects for climate litigations – I don’t even know exactly what that means – in fact almost half of this proposed debt is gonna be spent on those types of projects so I question whether that’s a good use of New Yorkers money,” said Barclay.

The option to vote for the Environmental Bond Act will be on the back side of your ballot in every county except Nassau county where it will be on the front of the ballot.