WYANTSKILL, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Neighbors on Brookside Avenue in Wynantskill were preparing for potential flooding Wednesday night.

“I got to make sure my 2 sump pumps are working,” said Kenneth Bogdan. I have emergency electrical connections that I can attach to a generator Incase we lose power. The main problem is for our house is if we lose power, than the water will seep into our house through the sump pumps.”

Just a month earlier, the Wynanskill Creek overflowed, causing damage to homes and forcing neighbors to evacuate. “We had serious damage in our backyard,” said Bogdan. “Our garden was 50% destroyed. 17 inches of water… We didn’t have any property damage to the house, but everything will grow back.”

The North Greenbush Town Supervisor told NEWS10 that measures were taken to help prevent the creek from overflowing again.

“We identified some blockage places in the creek,” said Joe Bott, Town Supervisor. “We then applied for an emergency DEC permit to get in there with a long reach, and we proceeded to take out 19 tandem loads of debris whether it be people’s back decks, garbage cans, brush, weeds, stuff like that. We opened up the creek so it could flow better… I don’t think we should have any issues with this rainfall coming.”