Working off the Weekend: “Wellness at Work” from Center for Disability Services

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ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – In this Monday’s Working off the Weekend, we’re helping you make choices outside the gym that impact your overall health.

At the new gym at the Center for Disability Services employees can get some exercise. However, we are learning wellness is more than moving.

“We have all these activities, we have yoga, Pilates, we have the healthy food choices on Thursday, we have webinars and seminars,” said Matt Kreiger, Wellness committee.

Krieger works for Center for Disability Services. He’s also on the wellness committee of the center’s “Wellness at Work” program.

“It’s helped me by making better decisions with my diet making a better decision when I’m working out,” he said.

The goal of his committee is to make sure other employees know what services are available. And what you do at work affects your family at home, according to medical director Dr. Maria Kansas Devine.

“If you’re in the habit of making healthy food choices and healthy movement choices at work, you are much more likely to bring that home,” said Devine.

Assessment is also a part of the wellness at work program, to identify people who may not be aware they’re at risk.

Keith Dolan is senior vice president of Rose & Kiernan who helped design the program. He says testing last fall may have saved some people from serious health implications.

“They identified 151 people who were at risk that didn’t even know they may be pre diabetic or have high cholesterol because they weren’t under the care of a doctor,” said Dolan.

So while exercise does matter, assessment is key.

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