CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (NEWS10) — You’re advised to stay inside and stay warm during the arctic chill, if you can. But it’s impossible to avoid the temperatures for many, whose jobs take them out in the elements.

Andrew Mokey has been a USPS carrier in Downtown Schenectady for 16 years. He knows a thing or two about bundling up.

“You wear good layers, I’ve got Under Armour and thermals on, and some handwarmers,” he told NEWS10, “wear good hat, and just try not to expose any skin.”

USPS sending NEWS10 this statement as the cold temperatures crept in:

The safety of our employees is a top priority, and our carriers deliver mail in all kinds of weather. Employees are provided safety talks and reminded of hazards pertaining to cold weather — including frostbite and hypothermia tips — to ensure they are aware of the symptoms of these conditions. Carriers also are urged to dress in warm layers and utilize caution while delivering.

According to Mokey, there are only a few weeks out of the year where the weather makes his job tough, but a good attitude and positive mindset go a long way.

After eight hours of working in the bitter cold, Mokey said he was looking forward to giving his kids a big hug, and putting his feet up.

Over on the farm at King Brothers Dairy, the calves have their coats on.

One of the challenges King Brothers has on a below zero day is related to their milk delivery, especially the glass bottles.

“Sometimes when you bring them in from the extreme cold into your kitchen, there’s a real quick temperature change, and these bottles can pop,” explained Jan King, co-owner of King Brothers Dairy.

They let their home delivery customers know ahead of time to bring in their milk as soon as possible or put a towel in their milk box to keep it insulated if they won’t be home when it arrives.

King Brothers Dairy is hosting its 4th annual Ice Cream for Breakfast event Saturday and Sunday. Despite cold weather in years past, they’ve had people wait in long lines in their pajamas to taste their ice cream concoctions! With this year’s especially arctic forecast, they’re working on making more room inside their store for customers to enjoy the frozen treats.

The event is happening Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM – 1 PM at 311 King Road in Schuylerville.