SCHODACK, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Could Amazon’s Schodack facility be the next to unionize? On Wednesday, October 12 until Monday, October 17, workers at the facility will step away from fulfilling online orders to potentially fulfill a promise by union organizers to create the second facility represented by the Amazon Labor Union in New York State.

“We do need a union. So we need to make sure that these workers have a message that they are in control of their future when they walk through that tent. They don’t have to be afraid. They have to remember that we can do this and we will do this,” chants lead union organizer Heather Goodall to a crowd of supporters at the Amazon distribution center in Schodack known as ALB1.

Workers, supporters, and legislators lined Route 9 outside the Schodack facility Monday afternoon to gather support for the start of voting Wednesday. The crowd then proceeded to march towards Amazon’s front doors to greet workers on their break.

The same workers who, union organizers claim, are underpaid, overworked and thrust into “dangerous working conditions”. “I don’t think we’re asking for a lot to leave our houses in the morning and come home safe to our families at night,” says Amazon worker and co-lead organizer for the ALB1 union efforts Kimberly Lane. “That is not a lot to ask for. And it’s not a lot to ask for a living wage that is comparable to the cost of living in 2022 so we can feed our families. It’s not a lot to ask for from a trillion dollar company to throw us that to them is crumbs.” 

Nearly a week ago, crews were called for a fire at a trash compactor in the warehouse. According to the Schodack Police Department. The fire, according to officials, was caused by a “mechanical failure”. Employees were evacuated as a precaution. A similar incident happened just days before at the State Island Amazon facility, known as JFK8. JFK8 is the only Amazon warehouse to successfully unionize thus far.

In a statement, Amazon says, “as a company, we don’t think unions are the best answer for our employees. Our focus remains on working directly with our team to continue making Amazon a great place to work.”

Elections will be held from Wednesday October 12 until Monday October 17.