ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Labor Day weekend is a time for relaxation, but people in one Albany neighborhood are still dealing with a nuisance and an eyesore outside their door, as crews continue the work to repair a major water main break.

Friday marked one month since the sinkhole opened up in the road near the intersection of Elberon Place and South Lake Avenue in Albany.  Now, one month later, the hole is filled in and the work is coming to an end.

The sinkhole opened up on August 2, swallowing a parked SUV 15 feet into the ground. The SUV was discovered to be resting on top of a gas line, and great care was taken to remove it from the hole.

After stabilizing the ground and clearing debris, crews discovered the source of the problem, an 85-year-old valve that had blown off of the water transmission main.

Crews were originally hoping to be done with the repair work by Labor Day, but rain pushed the schedule back several days.

Work on the trunk sewer repair is essentially finished, says Joe Coffey, Albany Water Commissioner.

Coffey says rain has been a major obstacle to repairing the sinkhole, raising safety concerns for people working more than 20 feet below the ground.

Crews have installed a plastic liner inside the pipe, a cost-effective method of rebuilding and strengthen the sewer.

Workers are now set to install around 80 feet of new storm pipes as part of a pre-planned fall Elberon Place drainage project, which Coffey says they may as well get out of the way now.

Once that project has been complete, Coffey says they’ll be able to replace the water main.

Work is expected to take an additional eight to ten days.