LATHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The New York State Department of Transportation is urging drivers to avoid unnecessary travel Sunday into Monday.

“We’re getting ready here. We’re making sure we have enough salt in stock behind us,” says Bryan Viggiani with NYSDOT, “we’re making sure the crews in the trucks are ready but you know we’re really prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at us.” 

Mother Nature is getting ready to throw the first significant snowfall across the Capital Region this year. On Sunday, the Department of Transportation was loading up trucks with salt to hit the roads. DOT says if you do end up traveling over the holiday Monday, make sure to give yourself enough time in case roads are treacherous. And, as always, do not crowd the plows.

“If you’re out traveling and that’s a big if like I’m saying, slow down. Use extra space between the vehicle in front of you; don’t tailgate our plows,” Viggiani says, “do not tailgate each other. You’ve got to give yourself plenty of breaking room. Do not go around our plows on the Northway or on the Interstates. The roads are not clear and that is what they are trying to get to.” 

On Friday, Governor Hochul directed state agencies to prepare emergency assets in response to the extreme weather. On Sunday, she reiterated how damaging storms can be to utilities such as power lines, “we’re making sure that the utilities are ready,” the governor said, “as we’ve seen before, weather events, high winds up to 45 mph can lead to power lines going down and literally paralyzing homes and communities where people lose power at a time when the temperatures are plummeting.”