COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A winter storm is expected to reach the Capital Region, bringing heavy wet snow and gusty winds, and could potentially cause power outages. In response, the Town of Colonie asks residents to consider helpful actions to assist the Highway Department.

“Our crews will be out in full force to keep our streets clear,” said Colonie Town Supervisor Peter G. Crummey. “Your help is essential to our success in providing you the best in Public Safety services.”

Below are actions residents can take to help. It is also recommended to inform your plow services to refrain from plowing snow onto sidewalks and onto roadways.

If possible, please keep parked vehicles off the road and avoid parking vehicles in a cul-de-sac.

Always try to avoid any unnecessary travel on days of inclement weather.

If driving, please reduce your vehicular speed and give yourself extra time to safely reach your destination.

If driving, please maintain a distance of 100 ft from the rear of the plow truck for safety reasons and to avoid sand and salt spray on your vehicle.

Please avoid piling snow on sidewalks.

Kindly refrain from moving snow into the road.

Please remember to remove portable basketball hoops from the Town Right of Way.

Garbage cans should be off the road.