WINDHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Even in the midst of a snowstorm, winter lovers are no strangers to the slopes at Windham Mountain.

“Got a place nearby,” Paul Cargo said. “I was in Florida last week missing all the best snow of the year, so finally, I was able just to head up when the forecast said ‘snow.'”

Some even traveled to the Catskills ahead of the intense snowfall just to take advantage of fresh powder. “We typically try to chase any storm that comes up in New England so this seemed like it might be the last one of the year,” Zach Baron said.

Windham Mountain navigated challenges this winter with less snow than usual earlier in the season, adapting by making fake snow in hopes people will still come out to the mountain. Leaders at the ski resort and those looking for a thrill are all hoping to take in their last winter moments before the spring.

“We were hoping for this in December and January, but we’ll take it,” Chip Seamans, General Manager of Windham Mountain, said. “It’s great to have it in March. It gets everybody excited. Hopefully a little bit of momentum—we’ve got a few weeks left in the season, and this is perfect.”