ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)– Starting on Wednesday, buying a body vest or unlawfully selling one will become a Class A misdemeanor. This is in response to the Buffalo shooting. Just last Friday, new legislation was passed for it to include a wider rage of body armor.

“We are updating our definition of body armor to include any form of soft or hard body armor that protects against gun fire and prohibiting the sale, except for those who need it for their profession,” explained Governor Kathy Hochul on Friday.

The new law closing this loophole will go into effect September 1st.

Also on September 1st, in response to the Supreme Court decision, a law which defines sensitive locations where concealed carry will not be allowed goes into effect.

Those places include, but are not limited to government offices, religious and healthcare facilities, schools, parks, public transportation, as well as restaurants and bars that serve alcohol.

Senate Majority Leader, Andrea Stewart-Cousins on Friday explained concealed carry for private businesses.

She stated, “People will know based on the business opting to have guns on the premises through signage that they will be able to have their guns there. Other than that, it’s presumed that you will not be carrying your gun places of business.”

However, that’s not the only legislation that has recently passed.

“We’re updating our safe storage laws in anticipation that more people because of this decision, will be able to be certified to have a concealed carry permit, and that means a lot of guns are transported in cars. The criminals know where guns are and they can steal them. So you have to be able to demonstrate that you can lock them up in your car because a high percentage of stole guns are taken from stolen cars,” said Hochul.

On September 4th, the state will officially raise the age from 18 to 21 to buy a semi-automatic gun, like an AR-15.