ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The second and final New York primary takes place on Tuesday with Congressional and New York State Senate races on the ballot. This week’s election also features a special election for the 19th House of Representatives District, a seat previously held by now-Lt. Gov. Antonio Delgado.

The addition of a second primary day was announced in April to give officials more time to create new legislative districts.

“You may get to the poll site and see that you are voting for a district that you didn’t vote for previously,” Jennifer Wilson, Deputy Director of Public Information Office with the New York State Board of Elections, said. “Don’t be alarmed it’s just that we did have redistricting this year, so you may have a new district number.” 

Wilson said voter turnout is historically low for primary elections and midterm elections because they look different for every voter. She expects turnout to stay the same as we head from the second primary into November’s general election. “Not all voters in New York State are eligible to vote in primaries, you do have to be enrolled in a party,” she said. “Your district might not necessarily be having a primary or it could be its having a primary but not for the party you’re enrolled in.” 

Wilson also said that the state’s election website can help voters check their registration and new districts to make informed decisions on Tuesday and in November.