(NEWS10)- Maybe a teenager comes home and says they ‘finna’ do their homework after dinner or maybe after going to dinner with a friend they say the meal was ‘bussin.’ Slang words like ‘finna’ and ‘bussin’ can be figured out when used in a sentence, but what about hard to decipher slang words that leave people feeling salty?

Fortunately, the internet makes it easy for people to become slang word GOATs with a few clicks on a keyboard or smartphone. The most Googled slang word in the U.S. is ‘simp’, according to im-a-puzzle.com’s list of states most puzzled by slang.

In New York, ‘Karen,’ a derogatory term for an entitled white woman, is the most Googled slang word but New Yorkers know their slang. They ranked 41 on the list of states most confused by slang.

Nevadans are America’s slang masters. The state was the least confused by slang followed by South Dakota, Rhode Island, Colorado, and Georgia. The states most baffled by slang are North Dakota, Alaska, Hawaii, Utah, and Ohio.

Top 10 most confusing slang words

1. Simp

A man who is overly attentive or submissive to women

2. Woke

To be well-informed of and sensitive to cultural issues

3. Sus

Suspicious or suspect

4. Bussin

Really good, usually describing food

5. FYP

Acronym for “For You Page,” part of the TikTok app


Acronym for “greatest of all-time”

7. No cap

To say you’re not lying or exaggerating

8. Ratio

When replies to a tweet vastly outnumber likes or retweets


Acronym for “fear of missing out”


Acronym for “if you know you know”

A total of 55 slang words made it onto im-a-puzzle.com‘s list of most searched slang words. To find these, im-a-puzzle.com said they analyzed 200 slang words in Google’s AdWords platform. They then found out which of those was the most searched word for each state during 2021.

Hundreds of new words, including slang, are added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary every year. TBH (to be honest), amirite, whataboutism, dad bod, silver fox, faux-hawk, and sapiosexual were all added in 2021.