ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — From the Yankees to the Giants, have you ever wondered which NY franchise is the most popular in Albany? NY sports are one of a kind and highlight the pride fans and players have for the state and city of New York. analyzed google search terms over the last year revealing the most popular teams by city, in the state of NY. The analysis resulted in the Buffalo Bills being the top team in Albany with 13,020 average monthly searches. New York Yankees came in second with 8,590, followed by the New York Giants in the third spot with 6,430. The Albany Patroons take the tenth spot with only 1,770 searches. Not only were the Buffalo Bills the most favored sports team in Albany, but they’re also the most popular in the state with a 1,514,510 search volume throughout the state. is a New York specific sports betting consumer information portal where bettors can find and evaluate the various licensed operators of online sports betting with expert product reviews written by a team of industry insiders. Check out the EmpireStakes website for more info on popular teams in New York State.