(NewsNation) — The American food supply chain is in a crisis right now. A crisis that could be reflected on grocery store shelves and wallets by the end of the summer. This warning comes from farmer John Boyd Jr., the President of the National Black Farmers Association, who spoke to Leland Vittert on NewsNation’s “On Balance.”

He says poor planting weather across much of the country, higher prices on seeds, fertilizer, and fuel, and supply chain issues are taking a heavy toll on farmers. “We’re gonna see a lot of empty shelves and a lot higher prices,” Boyd Jr. said.

He is calling on the federal government to give financial aid to farmers to help at least mitigate some of the increased costs they are seeing, which would ultimately lead to higher prices for consumers.

“Farming isn’t Republican. It isn’t Democrat. It isn’t independent. It’s food,” Boyd Jr. said. “Land is neutral. My grandfather said land knows no color. It doesn’t know any party. If we do what we need to do, we can produce the food.”