BUFFALO, N.Y. (NEWS10) — An adolescent bald eagle was found earlier this week floundering outside Buffalo Police Headquarters after colliding with a building. Since then, the staff at the SPCA’s wildlife rehabilitation center have been working for hours trying to nurse the raptor back to health.

“This is a first year bird, so it’s trying to find it’s territory, so it’s not uncommon that it would be going through Buffalo and moving on the move,” said Barbara Haney director of the wildlife department SPCA.

The events leading up to the eagle crashing into a building are unclear, but there are a few theories.

“When we spoke to the DEC, they suspected because there are Peregrine Falcons over by the Statler, that he may have been flying through and the Peregrine were not happy about it, and got into a little scuffle with him in the air,” said Haney. “It may have thrown him off a little bit and that’s who he slammed into the building.”

The raptor is at Cornell undergoing surgery to his leg.