WATERFORD, NY (NEWS 10) – The new firehouse was completed this year after 10 years of being in the works and was $1million under the approved budget. The Halfmoon-Waterford Fire Department spent 60 years working out of their old station on Middletown Road, and it just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

“This new station will improve our response times by 1 to 2 minutes,” says Chief Anthony Bonventre.

The Halfmoon-Waterford fire company relies on five commissioners and 45 firefighters to keep this region safe that sees nearly a 1000 calls a year.  With state-of-the-art new technology like flat screen TVs connected to the “I’m Responding” app that allows department members to check in ​no matter where they are and from their phones. 

They also incorporated an indoor training facility for rescue operation practice.

“We have inside this building, we have training facilities that will help us with bail out training, which is when we exit out of a second or third floor window. We have training facilities right here,” said Commissioner Peter Semenza.

​The new building can also fit the department’s larger fire trucks which was impossible before tearing down the old station. The department inviting the community to see inside their new home and even take the fire trucks for a spin.

“How’s this ride going for you?” I asked Adam, a young fella who was taking a ride on one of the trucks.  

“Good!” he answered.

The community open house also included a BBQ, drinks and firetruck rides for the kids which lasted until 4:30 Sunday afternoon.

The volunteer fire department is currently looking to recruit new volunteers to their already diverse crew made up of both men and women.