TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — While some residents in Troy are trying their best to go with the flow, others like Olga Green are finding the water advisory more of a challenge.

“I’m like, wait a minute… I can’t do nothing,” she said. “I can’t function because of not being able to drink the water.”

Now, she and her neighbor Kalynn Roy are on their way to stock up on bottles of water due to health concerns. Olga has diabetes, while Kalynn needs to use a feeding tube and has other medical conditions

“I do have a sepsis history,” Roy said. “So I spoke with my doctor, and they agreed that it’s not safe for me to boil the water and then drink it.”

At Jacob Alejandro, a coffee shop that depends on clean water, they’re having to make some adjustments.

“Luckily, our coffee equipment wasn’t affected,’ Jake Griffin-Diaz, Co-owner of Jacob Alejandro, said. “We had to dump all of our ice this morning and buy some at the store.”

College students like Elena Baranoski and Isabella Delvecchio at Russell Sage are also trying to navigate through the advisory.

“They said it may take a few days,” Baranoski said. “So still, I’m still not drinking from my sink because I don’t want to risk it.”

“I’ve been showering like normal, but I’m trying not to drink the water,” Delvecchio said. “Trying to kind of keep it just strictly water bottles for now.

While repair work is done on the massive break, the city is still working on its $40 million project to replace Tomhannock reservoir water main lines. Something the city has been working on since 2021, to try and update infrastructure.

“It got done ahead of schedule and also under budget, which we’re happy to see,” Chris Nolin, Deputy Mayor for the City of Troy, said. “Phase two is going to be contingent on how long it takes for the engineers to do the design work and what happens with the archeological survey.”

For now, the water advisory is not mandatory but is recommended until Thursday. City officials will reassess after the water has been tested.