JACKSON, Mich (WLNS) – He’s a judge who has a reputation for being outspoken.

Now Jackson Circuit Court Judge John McBain has taken that to a new level.

Video provided to 6 News by Chief Judge Thomas Wilson shows an increasingly aggravated McBain dealing with a defiant man during a personal protection order violation hearing.

Jacob Larson had been talking back to the judge and blamed his alleged stalking behavior on the woman he was pursuing.

McBain had originally ordered the man to spend three days in jail.

That quickly escalated to 93 days as Larson continued to aggravate the judge during the December hearing.

Then it took another turn when Larson struggled while being restrained. That’s when McBain shed his robe and helped subdue Larsen.

McBain said afterward that he does not tolerate disruptions in his courtroom.WATCH THE RAW COURTROOM VIDEO: