EAST SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR) — It started off like a normal ride home from school for students in the East Syracuse Minoa School District. Bus driver Jay Leo used his arm to stop two students from getting off the bus.

Leo noticed, through the mirrors on the bus, that a car was passing the stopped bus on the right side. Surveillance footage from the bus released by the district shows the moments the car passed the bus.

“They hit my mailbox and went right back on the road and just kept going,” explained Jennifer Blowey, the mother of the two students getting dropped off. She watched it all happen while waiting for her children to come home from school.

She said the two were shaken up by it all, but thanks to Leo, they were not hurt. And as they got off the bus, Leo had an important reminder for all the students: “That’s always why you check your step before you get off the bus,” Leo said. “Check your steps, guys. Have a good night.”

“He did everything right to keep our kids safe,” Blowey said with gratitude.

While it’s part of his job, Leo said he’s grateful he had the experience and was in the position to act quickly as the outcome could have been much different if he did not. “It’s good to know that I helped someone,” he said. “I try to help someone every day.”

Manlius Police have since located the driver and vehicle. Stephen Fatta, 31, was issued multiple traffic tickets including failing to stop for a school bus and leaving the scene of a property damage accident.