FORT EDWARD, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Washington County Sheriffs responded to a boating accident on the Hudson river near Lock 6 on September 6. Police reported six individuals involved in this incident.

On September 6, around 11:07 a.m., police responded to a boating incident. The incident involved six out of state individuals.

Individuals Involved

  • Martin L. Feletto, 67, California
  • Debra A. Jordan, 65, California
  • Stephen R. Windom, 72, Alabama
  • Joanne Kristiansen, 72, Alabama
  • Kjell O. Kristiansen, 76, Kentucky
  • Vaughn Stough, 70, Alabama

Deputies determined Feletto was driving a boat heading northbound on the Hudson River along with other boats. Police say Feletto misjudged the entrance to the lock and drove the boat onto a large rocky shole to the west of the lock entrance. Other boats were not involved in the incident.

According to police, Feletto suffered minor facial injuries and another passenger, Jordan suffered minor injuries to her torso. Other passengers were uninjured.

Police report the incident is still under investigation but no major damage was sustained to the vessel and no fluids are believed to have leaked from the vessel. Police say a full inspection will be completed when the vessel is removed from the rocks.