GREENWICH, N.Y. (NEWS10) — State Police arrested Kenneth Straight on Thursday for a false crime report that he made back in March. He is being charged with three misdemeanors.

Back on March 9, according to police, Straight, 53, of Greenwich, called 911 from the Cumberland Farms on Route 29 saying that someone was threatening him with a butcher’s knife. When officers arrived on the scene, Straight was gone and further investigation revealed that Straight was the one who instigated the confrontation with another man.

Straight provided a written statement saying that the other man pulled the knife, but police say that the description of events was phony. Fast-forward to Thursday when police arrested Straight on a warrant in Greenwich.

Straight is scheduled to appear at Greenwich Town court on September 8. Here’s a list of his complete charges:

  • Falsely reporting an incident in the third degree, class A misdemeanor
  • Making a punishable false written statement, class A misdemeanor
  • Obstructing governmental administration, class A misdemeanor