CAMBRIDGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Stores, landmarks, and private homes across Cambridge will create a living Advent calendar for the fourth year in a row this winter, as part of the community’s “Holiday Windows” celebration. Participants decorate and illuminate their windows each evening throughout December, one at a time—each staying lit until the end of the month.

Organizers say there is no need to be religious or particularly artsy to participate. There is no theme, either, which has resulted in some unique displays in past years.

Highlights from previous years include:

  • A window depicting the Northern Lights
  • A home celebrating the delivery people who brought packages of love during the pandemic
  • A decorated old window hung at the end of a driveway

There will be 11 storefronts participating this year, organizers said. Additionally, the town expects six “landmarks” to chip in, including three churches, the historical society, the green footbridge, and the new firehouse.

The founder of the program, Connie Brooks, will light the first window in Battenkill Books on December 1. The next day, December 2, the Chamber of Commerce will light its office on West Main as a kick-off to this year’s Christmas in Cambridge weekend.

The lightings are held at 5 p.m. each evening. Some people set up treats—like cookies or cocoa—for viewers.

Event organizers released a map on Tuesday, showing each participating property and its corresponding lighting date. If you wish to see multiple properties lit at once, use the map to tour across town on Christmas Eve—don’t miss out on what organizers dub a “de-light-ful tradition.”

(Photo: Holiday Windows in Cambridge, NY via Facebook)