CAMBRIDGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — In a meeting on Thursday night, the Cambridge School Board approved action item C on the addendum. This authorizes the district’s legal counsel to file a Notice of Appeal about the court’s decision on the Cambridge Central School District mascot.

The school board first voted to change the mascot in June 2021. A month later, several school board seats changed hands, and the new board voted to reverse that decision and reinstate the mascot. A group of concerned parents then petitioned New York State Department of Education Commissioner Betty Rosa’s office, asking her to intervene.

Rosa upheld the decision to change the mascot. After being challenged again on the decision by the School Board, a New York State Supreme Court judge ruled in favor of the New York State Department of Education regarding the mascot. This means the district had to completely retire the use of the Native American warrior mascot, as well as the “Indians” name used for school sports teams, by July 1, 2022.

Chris Crucetti, Communications Specialist for the district, said this action doesn’t mean that the School Board has or is going to file an appeal about the mascot, but it gives them the option to. He also said that there would be a legal expense with the filing.

“The Board is carefully considering all remaining legal options and they anticipate ongoing discussion with legal counsel on this matter. The Board has not determined whether it will be undertaking an actual appeal yet,” said Crucetti.