CHESTERTOWN, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Business is booming at Loon Lake Marina ahead of the summer boating season. That’s because it’s the only place on the lake where people can put their boats in the water right now.

Owner Richard Stolen said the water level at the lake is about a foot low. “[That] makes it an issue for most homeowners and their docks, to be able to dock a boat at their docks without the boat hitting the ground,” said Stolen. “The lake is navigable, but you have to be careful.”

The lake may be navigable, but it’s not easy to access. Town of Chester Supervisor Craig Leggett told NEWS10 the public boat launch won’t be open for the holiday.

“We don’t have the lake level we need to be able to get people out there to enjoy the weekend,” stated Leggett. “We just had this problem because we had to do some emergency dam repairs.”

After the repairs, the lake level only rose by about four inches. It needs to go up another foot before boaters can use the launch.

Leggett added there are plenty of other options for Memorial Day fun. “Horicon is just four miles away; Schroon Lake is just five miles away,” noted the Town Supervisor. “At those launches there, those levels are good. There’s no problem getting onto there.”

And if boaters can make the extra drive for this one weekend, Leggett says it will be worth the wait. “We expect to be up to full level here within the next two weeks,” he concluded.