WARREN COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Warren County offers a new history-themed Letterboxing challenge that will take participants to some of the most historic sites in the county—at the same time, working to solve a riddle about the whereabouts of a famous Warren County 19th Century poet, teacher, and journalist, Jeanne Robert Foster. The goal is to find specified sites using clues in the form of a riddle.

The hunt will take the form of “letterboxing,” which incorporates orienteering, art, and puzzle-solving, to find hidden treasures and complete a challenge. Organizers worked with town historians to come up with riddles for historic sites. When pieced together will yield an answer to the whereabouts of Johnsburg native Jeanne Robert Foster.

Solving the riddle results in the discovery of a stamp in a weatherproof box to stamp a passport to document the completion of the challenge. Submission of the passport to Warren County Planning & Community Development will earn participants a stylish patch, and a feeling of accomplishment.

Pick up a Warren County Historian Challenge Letterboxing Passport at an area Visitors Center or Chamber of Commerce to get started on this year’s challenge. The 2021 Letterboxing Challenge in Warren County focused on the ‘First Wilderness Corridor’ communities of western and northern Warren County. This new Warren County Historian Challenge includes historic sites in each town in the county as well as the city of Glens Falls. There are 13 sites in all.