QUEENSBURY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Warren County Office of Emergency Services unveiled a new online tool Saturday, to allow residents and visitors to easily report storm damage they spot in their neighborhoods or elsewhere in the county. Developed in conjunction with Warren County Planning & Community Development, the Warren County Storm Reporter application easily allows residents and visitors to let county personnel know of damage they encounter during or after wind, rain, or winter storms.

The information that is received through the application will be compiled by the Office of Emergency Services staff and forwarded to first responders, public works departments, and state or federal agencies as needed. This information will be particularly useful when county and local agencies seek disaster aid during severe storms.

This new website is not for use in reporting emergency situations, as residents should continue to use 911 to notify dispatchers of urgent storm-related issues. Injuries, fires, downed electrical lines, and flooding should all be reported to 911.

“We believe this new website will be a good tool to help us record storm damage to pass on to our local partners as well as state and federal agencies in the event that financial assistance to make repairs is sought,” said Ann Marie Mason, Warren County Director of Emergency Services. “We thank our colleagues at Warren County Planning & Community Development for working with us to create this new platform.”