ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The New York State Aviation Unit and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation made a remarkable rescue on Saturday. The crews saved an injured hiker on Crane Mountain in Warren County.

For the New York State Police Aviation Division, it’s not an everyday routine to respond to rescue calls, but pilots Andrew Broderick and Stewart Bull say they’re always ready to respond… Saturday being a perfect example.

“We’re always making sure everybody is ready to go. So when the phone rings, there is not a lot of coordinate other than who is going,” says Pilot Stewart Bull, NYSP Aviation Unit.

It’s a job where every second counts. The crew has to load up the gear and check the aircraft to make sure everything is good to go. It was a smooth and quick ride for the pilots this weekend, the nice weather played a major role.

“The winds were light, the rangers picked out a great place to hoist her out of —it took them a little while to get to that location but once we she there — it was as simple as could be,” says Pilot Andrew Broderick, NYSP Aviation Unit.

After pinpointing the exact coordinates, the pilots flew about 75 feet above the air. They then released the rope. Once the forest rangers on the ground level secured the the hiker onto a harness, she was hoisted up. That very moment lasting about 30 seconds.

“Once you get them inside, you get them secured, you tell the pilot they’re cleared to fly and everything’s safe and then leave the scene,” says Captain David Kolb, Executive Officer for NYSP Aviation Unit.

The crew gets monthly training on these types of recuses, they says it’s a team effort.