LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Every weekend in February, the Lake George Winter Carnival brings an influx of winter traffic to the village of Lake George and its seasonal economy. On Tuesday, it was announced that this year, those festivities wouldn’t be coming, due to mandates around COVID-19.

Carnival organizers Louis Tokos and Nancy Nichols put out a release Tuesday clarifying that coronavirus regulations have made this winter’s festival impossible, and mourning the financial loss to the area.

“The local businesses look forward to this winter tradition to help them with their businesses throughout the winter season,” organizers wrote. “Our concern is for our winter carnival volunteer members and visitors who attend this large event to be safe.”

The carnival hosts ice sculptures, snowmobilers, airplane rides, live music and more, across four weekends. The village saw a busier summer than expected by some, but some forms of business such as arcades were never able to open.

“Each year, the Lake George Winter Carnival provides our region with a much-needed economic boost and provides a variety of events that lifts the spirit of thousands during our long winter,” said Lake George Mayor Bob Blais. “We know and respect the many volunteers, and understand and appreciate their decision.”

State regulations ban mass outdoor gatherings of over 150 people.