LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – On Tuesday, Lake George Town Supervisor Dennis Dickinson joined Director Travis Howe of the Town of Lake George EMS Department to recognize a familiar face within the community. On June 1, United States Postal Service (USPS) employee Ryan Spring became worried about one of his customers who has Alzheimer’s disease.

The patient had left his home in a confused state. “[Spring] became very worried because this person had left their house, and the gentleman’s spouse was worried,” said Travis Howe, Director of Emergency Services for the Town of Lake George.

Spring alerted an on-duty EMS crew as they passed by him, which led to an immediate investigation and search.

Soon after, a Lake George EMS crew found the gentleman. With the help of law enforcement, they got him back home safely.

The EMS team took to Facebook Tuesday afternoon to thank the postal worker, saying, “Thank you, Ryan! Your dedication, empathy, and compassion are appreciated. We see you, and our community is lucky to have you!”

 “You know your neighbors, you’re concerned about them,” said Town Supervisor Dickinson. “The thing about the mailman, he delivers mail and he gets to know all his ‘customers,’ as he likes to call them.”