GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Warren County is bracing for more snow after Sunday’s storm dumped ten inches on the area.

Crews have been working up to 17 hours at a time after Sunday’s storm and now they’ll be heading back out on Wednesday where they’ll start the day by dumping 70 tons of salt on Glens Falls streets.

Digging out continues in Warren County ahead of another storm.

Ten inches of snow in Queensbury was a Sunday surprise for mom Naomi Howell.

“It was like ‘oh my goodness’ winter came back and I wasn’t ready and I didn’t want it!” Howell said.

Like it or not, the Queensbury Highway Department is ready with 28 guys that will cover 200 miles. They will begin by coating the roads with a healthy dose of salt and sand.

“We’ve used about half of what we brought in, we used more this year than last because of the weather,” Tom Vaness, Queensbury Highway Superintendent, said.

Vaness says he’s made a dent in the salt budget this year. He’s confident they’ll have enough but doesn’t want to get ahead of himself.

“I’ve seen snow in late April and had to be out there plowing in April so you never know it all depends on what happens.”

That’s the same sentiment in Glens Falls.

“We don’t take our plows off until June because it does snow in May up here,” Robert Schiavoni, of Glens Falls DPW, said.

He should know, Schiavoni has been on the job for 56 years! His crew of nine has been working long hours maintaining 130 miles of road.

“Back to back storms, I don’t like them because they never get a rest.”

Another issue in Glens Falls is narrow city streets with nowhere for the snow to go. A well-stocked salt shed should do the trick.

“70 tons of salt is average for a snowstorm.”

Dave Abbott won’t need quite that much for his driveway.

“I wasn’t ready last time and I learned my lesson.”

Both Queensbury and Glens Falls allow the public to scoop up the salt-sand mixture ahead of a snowstorm. So whether the storm means more work or more play, you might as well embrace it.

“We’re serious about our snow here in Queensbury, our family we love our snow,” Howell said.

There’s a snow emergency starting at 9 p.m. Wednesday night until Thursday morning. All on-street parking is banned so plows can clear the road.