COLONIE, N.Y. (News10)-Are you looking for a rewarding part-time gig? Maybe you are retired and have a desire to give back to your community. If so, Colonie Senior Service Centers wants to hear from you.

News10’s Anya Tucker spoke with one of their bus drivers Ronald Goodman.

Taking people where they need or want to go is a part-time job for the retired Town of Colonie EMT.

“For me mainly, it’s a social activity. It’s a way to get out and talk to people and not sitting in my apartment looking out the window or talking to the cat,” said Goodman.

The bus service has also expanded the social lives for thousands of Colonie Senior Service Centers riders. Take Christine Suruda for example. She can drive. But she doesn’t always feel comfortable behind the wheel in unfamiliar places or at night.

“I like to go to art places, restaurants, theater and I can do that cause the buses are available,” said Suruda. She told News10’s Anya Tucker that if the buses were not available, she would likely stay home or limit her outings.

Executive Director Diane Conroy-LaCivita says with 25-thousand rides a year and programs hosted by their senior center based out of Beltrone Living Center in Colonie they need more staff members and they need them now.

“So, you can be as part-time as you want to be. And so some of our drivers work one day a week, two days a week. We have custodians or maintenance workers, they’re doing two half-time days,” said Conroy-LaCivita.

Goodman added that, “Nobody is getting rich doing it. But it gets us out of our houses. And gets us talking to people. You know, it’s giving back to the community.”

There are plenty of positions available from administrative assistants to custodians and drivers. Here’s the link for information on applying. You can also call: 518-459-2857 Ext 310. Ask for Carol.