CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (NEWS10) – If we’ve ever needed a time for positivity and kindness, it’s now. Thankfully, one group is making a difference throughout the Capital Region just by using a little bit of chalk.

It’s called “Walk Poetry.”

Created by Schenectady High School English teacher, Colleen Wygal, the goal is to write positive messages of joy and hope in the streets of your neighborhood or any place of your choosing.

““Poetry is feeling, poetry is accessibility, it’s not supposed to be this weird thing in English class. So what I would love for people to do is to feel alive. Feel alive and feel connected.” Wygal said.

Photo Courtesy: Collen Wygal

The writings, which were made for everybody of all ages to do, can vary from quotes, your own saying and even to drawings! It’s purpose is to show poetry in another creative form. Whether, it’s a silly message or a long quote, when you see it on the street, they say they want you to feel calm and at peace.

The group’s photos have made their way across social media and Wygal says with the mindset of spreading happiness, her vision was to make sure both those who pass-by and the chalk writer feel as if they’re making an impact.

“Not only trying to make community out of people as they pass by. but giving, especially teenagers, a voice of power and hope that they don’t always see in themselves,” Wygal said. “It really changes you when you can see somebody watching what you’ve created and see them react to it.”

Wygal’s mission has connected with former students, like Jayana LaFountaine, who says it’s done much more for her than she could’ve imagined.

“It really helped me have my voice and find my voice and to spread love to everyone else right?” LaFountaine said. “I feel great about myself right now so I’m going to leave something to read for someone when they’re walking by.”

While it’s a normally a social gathering, they’ve been dropping of chalk to those who want to help. Wygal has also teamed up with Executive Director of C.R.E.A.T.E Community Studios, Heather Hutchison to make a difference. 

“Once we knew that the schools were shutting down, she and I were messaging back and forth to keep kids engaged and feel like they’re not so isolated,” Hutchison said. “And when we are in these times of crisis, the arts are what join us.”

So many can walk the walk, but can you walk and chalk? If you’re looking to get involved and need some chalk, head to their Facebook page.

Photo Courtesy: Colleen Wygal