SCOTIA, N.Y. (NEWS10) — While pet adoptions have maintained a steady rate amid the coronavirus pandemic, some are now making it easier by going virtual.

Mohawk Honda and Mohawk Chevrolet are hosting their first ever virtual pet adoption clinic tomorrow morning. Kicking off at 11a.m., they’ll host a Facebook Live from their account showcasing shelters from all across the Capital Region who are looking to have their animals find forever homes.

While it’s not easy for every animal to show affection during these clinics, they say virtual adoptions will be great for shy animals who don’t always get to show their true-self in person to others. It’ll give not only you, but them an opportunity to connect and to help.

When you give a homeless dog, cat or any other animal a home for life, there’s no better feeling.

“They come to us whether they’re strayed or can no longer be in their homes and you give them a opportunity to have another life and it’s great,” Shelter manager at Montgomer County SPCA said, Ashley Weil, said. “Then you show people that shelter animals are amazing and they deserve an opportunity.”

Representatives from Mohawk Honda and Mohawk Chevrolet say they hope virtual adoption clinics will continue moving forward as it’s a great way to connect others through social networking.

“It helps create a network to help people reach out. We figured we use our platform to help the community anyway we can,” Chief Digital Branding Leader for Mohawk Honda and Mohawk Chevrolet, Nathanael Greklek, said. “It’s hard for us to go out and help the community with a whole bunch of projects because of social distancing and all that but at least through this we’re able to showcase our community a little more.”

You can watch by heading to their Facebook page.