MONTPELIER, Vt. (WFFF) – In the basement of Vermont’s Statehouse, you will find the first clean battery back-up power in the nation. In a pre-recorded video Tuesday, Governor Phil Scott called this project just one small step in reducing carbon emissions. 

“I know many think that clean energy must be more expensive, but the work done today shows that not only can we reduce carbon emissions, but if we are strategic we can also save money in the process,” Governor Scott said. 

Green Mountain Power’s (GMP) President and CEO, Mari McClure said the batteries are expected to save $44,000 for the state over the next 10 years.

“And importantly carbon reduction, over 6,000 pounds of carbon annually, which is the equivalent of not using about 300 gallons of gasoline per year,” McClure said. 

GMP customers are expected to save an additional $18,000 over the next decade. This project was done through GMP’s Bring Your Own Device Program that pays businesses for battery use, during peak times for energy use.

“And that is when power is the most expensive, and that lowers costs for everybody,” McClure said.

The new batteries work like generators, without the fossil fuels. $450,000 was appropriated by the Vermont Legislature. Northern Reliability and Dynapower did the hard work, installing the new system.

“We’ve built systems on every continent including Antarctica so for us, putting a system in the basement is not a big deal but having it be the first statehouse in the country was really exciting,” Northern Reliability CEO, Jay Bellows said. 

Governor Scott said the state still has much more work to do.  

“But I am proud of what we have done here today and I look forward to what we continue making Vermont a leader in greeting technology,” Governor Scott said.