MONTPELIER, Vt. (WFFF) — Vermont Gov. Phil Scott announced plans to install more plug-in electric vehicle fast-charge stations over the next two years. “By the end of 2021, every Vermonter will be within 30 miles of a fast-charging station,” Scott said. 

There will be 11 new plug-in EV fast-charge stations installed across Vermont over the next two years. “The result of this work, Vermont has the highest number of charging stations per capita in the country,” Scott said. 

The chargers will be available to all EV drivers. The Downtown Program Coordinator at the State of Vermont, Gary Holloway, said there are many benefits to these vehicles. “It’s important for us to be able to kind of lower our emissions by increasing the viability of electric vehicles in the state,” he said. 

Holloway believes by having more charging stations available we will start to see more of a need for these cars. “Part of being an EV owner is also kind of tied to the availability of the infrastructure,” he said. 

The new charging stations will cost $1.7 million dollars and will be paid for using money from the Volkswagen settlement and administered by DHCD. Dealerships across the state are preparing for this need.

“The need for plug-in stations will probably grow as the demand for these vehicles continues to do that,” General Sales Manager Heritage Ford, Zachary Roberts said.

Roberts also said they have seen an increase in interest for their all electric and hybrid vehicles. “As the fuel prices continue to rise, you’ll have the ability to drive the car like a normal vehicle, but not be restricted as far as mileage.”