MONTPELIER, Vt. (NEWS10) – A new drive test of mobile networks in Vermont was announced Monday. The Department of Public Service (PSD) and the Agency of Transportation (AOT) will conduct the tests. They are trying to determine mobile coverage in the state. The state is partnering with Ookla®, a global leader in network intelligence and connectivity insights.

You can help out by using Speedtest® to test the speed and performance of your mobile internet connection. Ookla will include this information with the results of the PSD and AOT drive tests. Speedtest is on the Ookla mobile app. Officials ask that you do not use Speedtest while driving.

Ookla will not provide any other information to the state other than the results of the test. No personal data will be shared with Vermont.

The test information will be used with mobile provider coverage maps to see if they actually provide coverage in the area. It will also help Vermonters decide on what is the best provider for their coverage area. It will also be shared with the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) for their use.

The state tested mobile coverage in 2018. The results are posted on their website.

Below is a map of the roads that officials will be driving on to determine coverage. They will be traveling on all major roads in the state.