HIGHGATE SPRINGS, Vt. (AP) — Federal agents at the Vermont border with Quebec have made another seizure of marijuana in a commercial vehicle.

On Monday, agents detected what turned out to be 1,331 pounds of marijuana in a commercial shipment that was labeled food products.

After the truck arrived at the U.S. border post at Highgate Springs, Vermont, a preliminary investigation detected what were described as “anomalies” inside the trailer.

The marijuana was found in vacuum-sealed packages. U.S. Customs and Border Protection estimates the bust had a street value of $2.6 million.

Over the last several months, there have been several large-scale seizures of marijuana during attempted smuggling efforts in New York and Vermont.

Last June, border agents in Buffalo, New York seized 9,500 pounds of marijuana hidden in a truck, the largest marijuana seizure ever on the U.S.-Canadian border. In December, agents found 1,400 pounds of marijuana hidden in kitchen cabinets being brought into the U.S. at Highgate Springs.