Capital Region, N.Y. (News10)-As polling places prepare for Election Day, law enforcement and voter rights advocates are working to ensure that voters will find the process free of intimidation and that they know their rights.

Voter intimidation and suppression has become a concern in some states, but Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple says he has no indication that will be the case in New York’s Capital Region. “We don’t expect any problems. We’ve not heard of any problems. We’ve checked with our state, and federal partners as well,” said Apple. But he says he will have deputies patrolling all of Albany County’s polling sites on Tuesday, just as he would do every Election Day. “I will have a small army of deputies out, checking polling places multiple times a day. It is something that we do to make, you know voters, feel there is no intimidation,” said Apple.

Erica Smitka, Deputy Director for the League of Women Voters of New York State says that voters still need to know their rights. “For example, if in some places we will see some long lines, potentially tomorrow. So, if you are in line by 9 PM, stay in line. You can cast that ballot. You are [also] free from electioneering within 100 feet of your polling site. So, that boils down to, you know, somebody wearing a campaign t-shirt or a campaign button,” said Smitka. She says if you do feel there is an issue at a polling site, she directs voters to call 1-866-OUR-VOTE, their local Board of Elections or the Attorney General’s Office.

In Warren County, the Board of Elections Democratic Commissioner Elizabeth McLaughlin and Republican Commissioner William VanNess both say they do not anticipate any issues but encourage voters to know their polling locations before heading out. “They can use our website to find out where they vote or they can give our office a call to find out where they vote,” said McLaughlin. VanNess told News10’s Anya Tucker that he noticed a strong turnout for early voting this year. “People are interested, and they know their vote counts now. And they are out there voting,” he said.

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