ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)– Ahead of the new legislative session and Governor Hochul’s first elected term in office, Siena Pollster, Steve Greenburg, explained what voters think of her in the latest Siena Poll.

“Right now, 45% of voters have a favorable view of Kathy Hochul,” explained Greenberg.” 43% view her unfavorably. That 43, is the highest it’s ever been. 45 is not great, it’s not terrible, she’s above water— barely, but it’s not great.”

Greenberg explained why he thinks there is a disconnect.

“It may be the circumstances by which she became governor and how little voters knew her before she became governor. Maybe that makes her climb a little harder, a little higher. But, it’s still out there for her to do.”

Back in January, Hochul’s goals for the state included revitalizing SUNY, make communities safer, and increasing trust in government.

“When we asked voters how do you think Kathy Hochul did? How did the Hochul Administration do in living up to their goal of trying to make communities safer as she laid out in her 2022 state of the state address back in January? Voters say she’s failed.”

When it comes to the new year, the top two issues voters would like to see her tackle are the cost of living and crime.

Crime was a big campaign issue for her opponent, Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin, who’s favorability has seen an increase after losing the election by 6 points in November.

A total of 816 Registered New York Voters took part in the poll. Hochul’s goals for 2023 will be explained in her State of State address on January 10.