BENNINGTON, Vt. (NEWS10) – Saturday is the first day adult-use recreational cannabis goes on sale in Vermont

Since 2018 Vermonters were able to possess and consume marijuana. Saturday, licensed business owners will now be able to legally sell weed by way of adult-use recreational sales.

“Oh, I’m so excited I think everyone’s so excited the whole Community we’re ready to go everyone’s just been waiting for this for a while,” said Colleen McQuade.

Owner operator of Juniper Lane in Bennington, Colleen McQuade telling NEWS 10 the path to sell was not so easy to navigate.

“Things like Insurance banking security those are some of the biggest pieces of the puzzle that were hurdles in this process,” explains McQuade.

Those hurdles include nine months of waiting for her approval.

“Sometimes it just feels like it’s not a struggle it’s just like you’re fighting against time like I wish I was opening tomorrow but that’s not the reality for me,” says McQuade.

While four stores will open on October 1, Colleen hopes to be open a month later.

“There’s a lot of different components I mean the list is honestly never ending. I feel like sometimes it is the to dos, but in the end, I think it’s going to be really worth it,” exclaimed McQuade.

McQuade says there was an upside to the whole process.

“The best part of the process is like seeing the community across Vermont come together,” said McQuade.