OREM, Utah (KUTV) — A peeping tom drone? Police in Utah have charged a man with voyeurism for taking videos of people inside their homes with his drone.

“A man woke up early to go to work, goes into his bathroom and he hears and then sees the drone flying right outside of his window,” Lieutenant Craig Martinez said.

That man becomes rattled, and bolts out of his house. He gets in his truck and follows that drone.

“It actually landed in the church parking lot near his home and no one came to pick it up,” Martinez said.

So out victim goes. He plugs it in and finds video, lots and lots of it.

“He saw some pretty disturbing video of whoever is flying it, basically flying it down to people’s bedroom and bathroom window,” Martinez said.

Police say the peepers would pray on victims early in the morning, just as they were waking up and starting their day.

“When a light turns on, it quickly flies right down to that window,” Martinez said.

Police looked at the video and say they have all they need to file voyeurism charges. The camera literally turned on the suspects.

“We quickly found out who the owner was because he was on the video,” Martinez said.

Police have charged Aaron Foote and his girlfriend, Terisha Norviel, with voyeurism. The two were not the first. Reports of peeping tom drones are popping up across the country. Massachusetts and Anchorage, Alaska, are just to name a few. This however was the first documented flying peeper in Utah.

“This guy is facing some pretty serious charges,” Martinez said.

He will face charges from the state, but also possibly from the feds. Police say Foote and his girlfriend may have been violating FAA rules while flying as well.

“We hope we don’t see an inundation of this,” Martinez said.