WASHINGTON, D.C. (WWTI) — Congresswoman Elise Stefanik cosponsored the USPS Fairness Act this week.

The bipartisan legislation would repeal the mandate forcing the USPS to prefund their retiree healthcare decades in advance. According to a release from Stefanik’s office, no other enterprise in the U.S. faces the requirement. The requirement costs the USPS more than $5 billion dollars each year.

The USPS Fairness Act passed the House in the 116th Congress with strong bipartisan support.

“The USPS provides essential services for our North Country communities, families, veterans, and seniors. The urgent financial issues that it faces must be addressed to ensure it can continue operating smoothly. I am proud to cosponsor the USPS Fairness Act and offer a tangible solution that will put the USPS on a solid path to greater fiscal stability and a stronger future,” Congresswoman Stefanik said.

The legislation also comes on ‘National Thank a Mail Carrier Day.’

“Postal Service workers are some of the most hardworking individuals in our communities. I have met with many USPS workers since taking office, and am continually impressed by their commitment to their essential work. Today and every day, let us share our gratitude to our local mail carriers who ensure we have what we need!”