UPDATE: Voorheesville farm fire put out, animals safe


VOORHEESVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A structure on a Voorheesville farm caught fire prompting several fire departments to respond to the scene.

Firefighters spent much of their day working on the scene until the last inch of smoke was gone.

A white cloud of smoke consumed this farm on Hennessey Road, consisting of pigs, goats, mini horses, llamas and even a camel on the farm.

A relative of the owner of this farm tells said the farm isn’t used as a business, as it is more of a hobby.

As the animals roamed the grass they seemed to be unaware of what was going on around them.

“It started around 1:30 p.m. We got toned out for a reported structure fire,” said Chief John Joy of the Guilderland Center Fire Department.

Chief Joy indicated the building on fire was behind a large barn.

“Upon arrival we found the c-side of the building had heavy fire showing from what was believed to be a hay loft that had extended into a storage shed that was attached to it,” Joy said.

He believes the fire started when the farm’s owner backed a lawnmower into a bale of hay and damage was limited.

“The roof of one of part of the building was burned off,” Joy said.

Small dogs that were in that building are all safe along with some mini horses.

Goats, llamas and the camel in front were not injured either.

The owner has a minor burn on her back.

Fortunately, though the fire had little impact, but it took crews several hours to put it out as the hay bales fed the flames.

“They hold a lot of heat so as we were applying water we had to have the homeowner’s son assist pulling hay bales out with a tractor for us,” Joy said.

While the animals in front hadn’t a clue a fire was smoking behind them, they in fact were never in danger.

“There was about 150 to 100 feet in between the actual animals that you can see from the road and the rear of the structure,” Joy said.

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