WEST COXSACKIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Driving through one community in Greene County could leave a sticky substance on your car. NEWS10 reports from West Coxsackie on safety concerns over what’s dripping under a bridge.

Here in West Coxsackie residents are driving underneath the railroad pass on Mansion Street, coming out with an unknown substance splashed on their cars.

 “[It’s an] oozy substance and it dries on the paint, and that becomes a powder, eventually. It seems to be metallic and somewhat like asphalt,” explains area resident Michael Wilhelmsen.

Mark Evans has been the Mayor of Coxsackie for nearly 15 years and says this bridge has been problematic for the duration of his term. He’s been reaching out for help but says it’s landing on deaf ears.

“It’s incredibly frustrating. I keep getting Facebook messages and text that people are sending me pictures of their cars I just have no answers for that, and it seems like it should be an easy thing to take care of and an inappropriate thing to take care of,” said Evans.

If it gets onto one car it could be an inconvenience, but Sal Bevilacqua with Coxsackie Transport says they have a fleet of more than 100 vehicles and 40 to 50 vehicles pass under the bridge every day.

“The company’s expenses, we haven’t tallied anything yet but we’re using water, we’re using staffing and it would become an around the clock job to do. To have to vehicle detail the vehicles and we could be doing other things,” said Bevilacqua.

Looking at the bridge and its gutter system below, you can see the overflow dripping onto every car that passes. Mayor Evans says it is becoming a safety issue for people here.

“The concrete fascia running across the top there, if you look over there, you’ll see there are various pieces that are missing and that is actually where pieces have fallen, and did strike someone,” says Evans. “That [PILE OF DEBRIS] comes down and it takes the material and brings it down here to the sidewalk. This is the main thoroughfare. It’s the main thoroughfare through the village.”

NEWS10 has reached out to CSX to find out what’s happening with this bridge, we are awaiting that response.