AMHERST, Mass. (AP) — The University of Massachusetts is warning about a TikTok drinking trend after 28 ambulances were summoned to off-campus parties. UMass Police also reported two arrests for underage drinking.

Students were observed Saturday carrying jugs with a mixture of alcohol, electrolytes, flavoring, and water, dubbed “blackout rage gallons,” or “BORGs,” in a binge-drinking trend gaining traction on TikTok, officials said.

There were so many calls for ambulances for student alcohol intoxication that neighboring agencies stepped in to help, officials said. The Amherst Fire Department said none of the cases were life-threatening.

UMass officials said this is the first time the university has observed widespread use of BORGs at off-campus parties. The university said that the weekend’s events would be assessed and steps will be taken to improve alcohol education. Incoming students already learn about the physiological and medical risks of binge drinking.

Local media reported that the weekend’s festivities are known among UMass students as the “Blarney Blowout,” an annual unsanctioned event related to upcoming St. Patrick’s Day.