HUDSON, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Spark of Hudson and Humanity Forward announced Monday they have collaborated to launch a universal basic income (UBI) pilot program in Hudson later this year. The program, HudsonUP, will provide 20 Hudson residents $500 per month for five years.

The organizations are working closely with the community to design the project’s recipient selection process and implementation method.

“In light of the current ongoing crisis, this pilot will give a glimpse of hope to our constituents, many of whom are facing various financial burdens. We welcome out-of-the-box and innovative ideas that can better our communities,” said Hudson Mayor Kamal Johnson. “This pilot will provide a cushion for families, and this support could be life-changing.”

Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang believes the program will provide support and peace of mind for Hudson residents.

“Receiving a form of UBI allows you to begin making meaningful, long-term plans. It allows one to think beyond next month’s bills; through the HudsonUP project, we’re going to see families benefit enormously from receiving $500 a month for five years,” Yang said.

“UBI gives freedom—freedom to be entrepreneurs, to run for office, to stay home with the kids, to take care of sick parents, to leave abusive relationships, and to help our community in times of crisis,” co-founder of The Spark of Hudson Susan Danziger said.

The $600,000 project will be made possible by two $300,000 contributions, each from The Spark of Hudson and Humanity Forward.

The Spark of Hudson is a learning and training center set to launch in Hudson dedicated to reinventing education. In addition to The Spark of Hudson and HudsonUP, founders Albert Wenger and Susan Danziger have launched and funded a variety of other projects to better the greater Hudson community and beyond.

Humanity Forward is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization founded by former presidential candidate Andrew Yang. The organization is dedicated to continuing the movement inspired by Yang’s 2020 presidential campaign and to making its core ideas a reality, one of which includes UBI.